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Trabajos Científicos.

Pixel RF está aprobado por la FDA, CE y ANMAT.
Brinda resultados seguros y efectivos para todo tipo y color de piel.

 Trabajos Científicos

Attenuation of Acne Scars Using High Power Fractional Ablative Unipolar Radiofrequency and Ultrasound for Transepidermal Delivery of Bioactive Compounds Through Microchannels
  Comparison of a Fractional Microplasma Radio Frequency Technology and Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser for the Treatment of Atrophic Acne Scars   New Frontiers in Laser Surgery
Doru T. Alexandrescu, MD, and Edward V. Ross, MD
  The Use of Hybrid Radiofrequency Device for the Treatment of Rhytides and Lax Skin
A novel fractional micro-plasma radio-frequency technology for the treatment of facial scars and rhytids A pilot study   Fractional Micro - Plasma Radio - Frequency Technology for Ablative and non-Ablative Skin resurfacing   Treatment of facial post-burn hyperpigmentation
using micro-plasma radiofrequency technology